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5.29.2011 Canappi Launches

Canappi is a Mobile Application Development Platform that enables you to build great iOS and Android native apps in half the time.
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ebPML is a site dedicated to the standards, technologies and products of Service Oriented Computing, Business Process Management and Model Driven Architectures.

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My main interest is to contribute to the concept of Service Oriented Computing that was initially coined by Prof. Mike Papazoglou, with the hope to find an architecture and application model that will fully enable BPM and the convergence of EAI, B2B and application platforms like J2EE or .NET. I follow actively most BPM related standards: BPEL, BPEL4PEOPLE, BPMN, BPDL, XPDL, WS-CDL and ebBP. I was one of the editors of the ebBP 1.1. and 2.0 specifications. The PML section (Process Markup Languages) provides an analysis of the leading specifications. I have also started an effort to create the metamodel of the whole SOA specification stack, including the BPM related standards.

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Jean-Jacques Dubray


Barbara Liskov I believe that the fundamental role of programs is to modify state not just the bits
Jon Bosak Business is complicated. Any solution that doesn't reflect that complexity is not a real solution.
Steve Ballmer I believe our industry has a responsibility, and an opportunity, to dramatically simplify the computing environment by seamlessly weaving together all of the devices, services and multiple layers of software into a coherent, efficiently managed technology framework
Matthieu Hug SaaS can not just be read as Software-as-a-Service, but most importantly as Service-as-a-Software
Don Box [CORBA/DCOM] really assumes shared classes [...] between the two endpoints. [SOA] exists to break this dependency. This is the biggest architectural change but it's profound
Kevin Pollari The real secret sauce of Service Oriented Architecture is enabling better uses and standardization of business application logic
Fred Cummins The data that must remain the primary focus of attention for SOA are the data produced, consumed and managed by business systems that represent the past, present or future state of the enterprise. From a business perspective, the concerns are not a matter of distributed storage but how the data are validated, managed and protected.
T. Reenskaug Any method that prevents the programmer writing code, is a good method
Joe Armstrong The world is concurrent but we program in sequential languages
Ira Fuchs Programming languages today remain syntactic, abbreviated, and procedural, as opposed to semantic, verbose, and declarative
Andrej Bauer It is good to have a simple language, but it is not good to sacrifice its expressiveness to the point where most of the time the programmer has to encode the concepts that he really needs indirectly with those available in the language.